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Thanks very much for the reply! Just one note, it’s an RGBS modded NES, not a SNES so some of those issues shouldn’t be relevant here I don’t think? The scart I have comes from David at Oldskoolconsoles and I’m told it’s a great one with good shielding but I guess you never know. The PSU is generic but again it came from him – this might have more to do with it maybe. The lines aren’t hugely noticeable I just feel like it should be better – I’ll try and play around with a few settings though I can’t find them for some reason. If I press menu and get: Video LPF I can scroll through those settings but I can’t access anything else sampling, sync, output, post-proc etc – I feel like I’ve hit every button but that’s all I see. No doubt it’s easy but the guides don’t seem to go into ‘stupid person’ detail so any tips?

That aside thanks so much for taking the time to reply and in great detail, I really appreciate it!