Reply To: V. samplerate


Thanks Harrumph! Shortly after posing the question, I realized vertical samplerate couldn’t be the cause (due to the uneven spacing and thickness of the lines), but I hadn’t realized it doesn’t exist, so thanks for that. Yes, you must be right, as I’m using the OSSC with an XGA (1024×768) NEC VT660K projector through a monoprice HDMI-to-VGA adapter; sorry I didn’t mention this pertinent information before. I will still have to try the Test Suite with my Playstation 2 (or 1), to rule out the SNES. The scaling patterns show up no matter what OSSC mode I’ve tried (passthrough included) with the SNES, but none of these are the native XGA resolution, only less than and greater. The projector itself has no menu option to disable scaling, as far as I know. I’m quite happy with the OSSC anyway! It looks so much better than an S-Video cable, and I haven’t noticed the scaling artifacts in any game as none I own show anything close to a fullscreen 1:1 pixel checkerboard.

Thanks again