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Thanks for the reply. Yes groovymame emulate native refresh rates of arcade games so dvdo edge will probably have that problem like you said. I look at the link you provided according to it the latest firmware is the one I have 1.05. I thought the vp50 used the same firmware as vp50 pro but according to this vp50 is 1.09 and vp50 pro is 1.05?

What is the most recent version of my firmware?

iScan HD 5.6-1.42
iScan HD+ 6.7-2.91
iScan vp20 1.03
iScan vp30 1.14
iScan vp50 1.09
iScan vp50pro 1.05
Edge 1.63
Duo 2.41
Edge Green 1.01
But with this firmware 1.05 I can’t get line 5x work only line 3x in ossc. I use these setting ossc H.SR 2057, H.BP 255 (BuckoA51, VP50Pro) and I still cannot get it working. Ossc by itself can do line5x with my tv but when I connect it with vp50 pro it does not work. That is the reason I thought I need a firmware update for vp50 pro. BuckoA51 can you tell me the firmware you have in vp50 pro that is working with line5x.