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I am using the board referenced in the article at:


My board is this one:

My RGB Board

I am using the “R”, “G”, and “B” lines of the outputs (for RGB, of course) as well as the second “G” (ground) and the “S” line which is the line showing the sync pulse I posted earlier. I have tried using the “V” output as sync but nothing will work then. Also, I have never been able to find any relevant signal being produced from the “V” output. I initially assumed this was composite video out and attempted to use that output for sync to my xRGBmini (pin 3 of the xRGB input port) but it did not work. The “S” line produces an excellent image. Perhaps I am doing something fundamentally wrong. I do not know how to get the signal you are asking me to take an image of. From where should I take the reading? I do not know where to get “composite sync” from the board I have.