Reply To: 480i Problem


Did I understand it right, that when I would use passthru the TV gets a 480i signal, deinterlaces the picture itself and adds a lot more input lag?

That’s correct, you can have nice picture quality or low input lag with interlace content on progressive displays (HDTVs/Monitors), you can’t have both.

That said, bob deinterlacing shouldn’t look /that/ bad. Like Paulb_nl says above, it’s actually quite similar to a CRT (go try using Amiga Workbench in interlace on a real CRT, tell me that doesn’t flicker!)

So yeah bob deinterlace will have some shimmer/flicker to it, which will vary in intensity depending what you’re displaying, but the very first flat panel displays used bob deinterlacing, as did the XRGB3 (in B1 mode anyway)…

I Guess sophisticated TV deinterlacers have just spoiled you all 😀

The king of videogame deinterlacers is still the XRGB Mini really, that’s probably the best trade off between input lag (20ms) and picture quality (really good, flicker free).