Reply To: VGA input quality (via Dreamcast)


The OSSC is way better than the Akura. Like RetroTV said, the OSSC gives you the option to get the right aspect ratio. The Akura doesn’t, you always have some small black bars with the Akura.

Also you can connect your Toro directly to the Scart input of the OSSC, it will accept the same signal as the Framemeister. You don’t have to bother with “VGA problems” (which are mostly 480p problems).

In the end it all depends on your TV. My stupid Samsung forces itself to some weird PC-Mode when getting the 480p Line 2x signal.
This mode has less settings and the colours look washed out. I think that is, what some people don’t recognize correctly and think they have “VGA problems”. I can adjust the settings to get it look better, but not as good as on regular game mode. Still better than Akura, though.