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Massive thanks for taking a look, Paul. ^_-

Hopefully, he will! I’m aware to sound super selfish, but I LOVE the look of Line2x optim. on my monitor: it has that minimum degree of softness that – coupled with thick scanlines – really gives me the CRT feel which made me instantly adore the OSSC. Of course I’m also totally OCD towards tiny little bugs no one else seems to care about, so I cannot unsee that extra vertical line when I play. XD

If you wanna look at something similar, in a way, I found out (FirebrandX noticed that too) that – while Line4x optim. 240p (4:3) looks perfectly aligned both sides – with optim. 256p (8:7) the horizontal mask once again doesn’t snap to one side, this time leaving a vertical line uncovered – as in, you can see the colored overscan – instead of covering up too much, like in optim. 240p.

Once again, no pressure. It’s just to report something else, with the hope it can help you guys to better identify the issue.

Thanks again!