Reply To: OSSC Fails to sync


I wouldn’t know about Vogatek’s output sync, BUT … there’s definitely something wrong with the OSSC itself. To eliminate the possibility of the Supergun being at fault, I have tested the OSSC with consoles via RGB SCART and the symptoms are the same. It works for a while, but then, the screen goes black. It’s like that with everything now. Plus, the console image had some weird flutter on brighter colors, which I didn’t see before.

Also, the Vogatek worked perfectly fine up until yesterday, and it still works when connected directly to the TV. I’ve had it for a while and never had any issues. I’ve used it with other scalers as well. No issues.

I feel that at this point I have confirmed it’s an issue with the OSSC itself. How does the warranty process work and who do I need to contact to get things going? Thanks!