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In this perspective one could call this option hybrid strength and make this a variable number from e.g. 0 to 15, where 0 is off and 8 is 100%.

Ok with the overdrive it looks good. The hybrid setting definitely needs to be a variable number so it can be tweaked. Hybrid high on my PAL 3-chip SNES already clipped the top bars of the grayramp so max 125% is good.

Reverse LPF works now but in Optimized mode the first column of pixels skips the reverse LPF every other line so it results in a checkerboard effect.

also want to mention that the discoloring observation by @retrorunner with subtraction method for scanlines does not come from his TV. I build a firmware where you can see, what the scanline really looks like.

Yes I know the scanlines lose color but his pictures showed extreme results with the car picture almost black & white. Even with 100% black scanlines there is still color in the picture so it should not be black & white.