Reply To: OSSC Fails to sync


The cable appears to be heat sealed or glued shut, but it’s a regular male to male SCART cable I got ages ago. The Vogatek MK IV has six resistors connected to different signals on the RGB socket, which I’m assuming is to make the signals safe for consumer electronics like TVs, or other devices with SCART input. It doesn’t send audio over SCART, though.

Like I said, This is what I’ve been using for many, many years, and thus far, everything worked fine. I’ve connected this particular supergun to other scalers, to a DVD-R recorder and to different TVs. This would be the first time I’ve experienced any issues. Even now, when my OSSC is down, I continue to use it with my TV directly.

I feel like I’m defending myself at this point. I’m well aware the cause of this can be any number of things, but all I can tell you are basically two things: During the last X years, I haven’t experienced any other unusual things or equipment malfunctions with my current setup, and the OSSC suddenly went bonkers after working perfectly fine for two months of every day use. And I do mean every day.

It seemed quite random. I have played hours upon hours of Taito F3 games before, and even though many people claim they can’t even get a picture from the F3, I got one. Maybe I’m lucky. All scaling multiples work on my TV as well. Same goes for my PC screen. The display showed garbled characters for a fraction of a second, and that was that.

Clearly, the OSSC is not completely dead. It does “work”, but only for about 10 minutes from power up, after a long cool-down period.

How do you propose we handle this? I’d like nothing more than to continue using this great product. It wasn’t exactly cheap, so I can’t just say “oh well … I guess I’ll buy another one”.