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This is great Borti! Nicely done. Though for the casual user it probably makes more sense to just display Sl.hybrid str. as 0-15 (save 1 bit ? ) or display 0-100% for 0-15.

Great that you like that, too 🙂

Indeed, I was thinking about exactly the same display solution, too. This are the reasons why I decided against that:
– displaying 0-15 are some kind of ‘magic numbers’ for the user
– displaying 0-15 as 0-100% is not what exactly calculated
– 1 bit extra has no cost in sw (it’s a 8bit variable anyway)
– 1 bit extra in hardware is neglectable

The only odd feeling was to stop setting at exactly 10000; but hey, if it is so, it is so 😉
Another soultion I had in mind was stopping at 150% or 175% but I wanted to have it sharp.

What about other opinions?

While we are beta testing, maybe make all parameters variable (0-100%) so we can find a few sweet spots?
That would be: Contrast str, Scanline str, Gamma fix str.

One side note: setting 100% sl.str., 100% hybr.str. and mult. method gives you an x^2-function* at the output. A special case of gamma adjustment in the scanline.
(* not 100% as I used Y (YCoCg appr.) for multiplicationand not RGB individually; so it is R*(R/4+G/2+B/4), G*(R/4+G/2+B/4) and B*(R/4+G/2+B/4))

Indeed its not caused by your firmware. I had tried it on previous firmware before I reported it and it worked properly then but it was just a coincidence. It works randomly. I’ll have to check it out why this happens.

It strange is that it works / works not by random.

Edit: I’ve an idea where this problem comes from. But I just can test it this evening. @paulb_nl