Reply To: SNES losing sync in 60Hz only


Hi, and thanks for your response.

The H-PLL Pre-Coast/Post-Coast are set to 1 & 0, and I’ve tried to increase Analog sync Vth until it loses sync, with no noticeable improvement in picture loss.

> Does the OSSC lose sync though when you lose the picture?

Hmm, doesn’t look like it. The main menu keeps displaying “AV1 RGBS 262p / 15.74kHz 60.08Hz” even when the picture disappears.

I tried your recommendation of 480i, but actually made Super Mario World run in interlaced mode on my SNES Powerpak, using the game genie codes from

But I’m a little bit unsure of what settings the OSSC should use for this kind of test? To start with, there doesn’t seem to be any way to keep the 5x scaling when running SMW with those Game Genie codes. Instead, the OSSC will automatically switch to a 480 mode, which is dependent on the “480i/576i proc” setting.

And I get the following results for the different settings
“Passthru”: Picture is stable, and my HDTV says it is “480i”. I get no loss of picture
“Line2x (bob)” Picture is looking very flickery and shimmering, but I guess that’s as expected from an interlaced signal? HDTV says it is “480p”. I get no loss of picture.
“Line3x (laced)”: HDTV won’t accept it – Just says “out of range”
“Line4x (bob)”: HDTV won’t accept it – Just says “out of range”

So I guess I’ve done the supposed test then? But I am a little bit surprised that the OSSC forces a line-doubling mode here, rather than staying at the 5x setting I chose for 240p. But I guess it’s as designed.