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– 4x still actually lost image, just not as frequently as before.
– Everything’s working now, but I had to bypass going through my receiver, which originally was compatible with every resolution configuration I threw at it. I’m not sure why that would stop working with this custom firmware, but connecting straight to the TV works.
– Honestly, it’s probably not worth trying to further work on this compatibility issue since we haven’t heard from anybody else losing compatibility. It works directly with my TV, so that’s good enough.
– H-PLL2x makes no difference whatsoever. Same with upsample 2x. I’ve actually never noticed a difference with either of those enabled or disabled, so I can’t speak to the effectiveness of that piece of advice.

So long story short, my receiver used to work with all these, but now doesn’t. I’m not sure what in the firmware changed that, but it doesn’t really matter since connecting to the TV works fine and I’ve not seen any other complaints about this from anybody else.

I guess just carry on and if anybody else chimes in with incompatibilities on previously fully compatible setups, then it’s worth looking at? But for now I seem to have had a one-off problem I’m able to bypass.