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@BuckoA51. That’s what I was thinking. I am lucky enough to have a PVM I could try. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have an appropriate DB9 VGA to BNC cable at my disposal. However, I am working on getting one for testing.

. It sounds like I have the exact same configuration you’re using. OSSC 1.6 and CGA2RGB rev B01. I purchased a custom case for the little board and am powering it with 5v @ 2.5A. Jumper set to pins 2-3. No difference in display with power connected or disconnected however. In further tests, I did notice the little video amplifier chip (NCS2563) on the CGA2RGB heating up to an alarming degree…too hot to touch in only a few seconds. So maybe this indicates an issue with my board? In light of this, GGLabs has graciously offered to send a replacement CGA2RGB to test. I will post my results once I receive it.