Reply To: Dreamcast Toro+SCART question


The benefits of the Toro depend on what you want to do with your Dreamcast and what you already have.

Pretty simple – I want to get the best image quality possible, no matter how much money it would cost. However if some things like Toro don’t improve anything, it’s obvious I could just skip them in my setup.

Assuming Codebreaker can force 480p with the SCART cable

I’m totally unsure it can do this 🙂 I wanted to ask someone who tried that first before buying…

The short answer is yes and no

Why? 🙂 It’s a simple question, yes or no – does the highest quality SCART give you the same image quality as the highest quality VGA box in the games that support the latter?

except the horizontal and vertical sync signals are separate instead of muxed as they are with SCART

is it better or worse?

Where you might actually see a quality difference between SCART and VGA will be with cable build quality and shielding.

But what if we’re assuming both of them are highest possible quality?