Reply To: Dreamcast Toro+SCART question


Swapping discs and fiddling with AR codes is more convenient than flipping a switch? How do you figure that one?

My Dreamcast is on the middle shelf of a TV stand. With the Toro connected (and BeharBros recommending against bending the cable), the entire unit is very deep. If I have the front of the console facing outward, I’d have to get down on my knees and reach back into the stand about a foot and a half and feel around for the switch. In this scenario, it takes effort to deal with disc swapping than dealing with the switch. To get around this, my Dreamcast is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise, so I have easier access to the Toro.

For 480p games there’s no difference using AV1 or AV3 on the Dreamcast. For 480i and 240p games, AV1 is a better choice, so all round the Toro via SCART is the best option for OSSC.

My understanding was that the Dreamcast, even in 480p, uses a 720×480 frame, and AV3 defaults to a 640×480 frame, so you’d still need to toggle DTV 480p on for AV3.