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Using something like a Toro just allows you to run 480p via SCART rather than VGA… It’s really that simple. There’s no real quality difference (as long as the quality of your VGA/SCART cables are comparable) and the main benefits come down to:

1.) If, like me, you’re using a GSCARTSW it allows you to add the Dreamcast into the mix and make use of the GSCART’s secondary output (for a capture card, second monitor or whatever)

2.) The SCART (AV1) port on the OSSC has low pass filters available that aren’t there on the VGA (AV3) input… In case you need to clean up the image and/or sync a little bit.

3.) There are a small number of games that don’t support VGA (480p) and a few that don’t (for whatever reason) support RGB. In this case you just have to flip a switch rather than unplug cables etc.

That’s basically it. You can get a basic Dreamcast VGA (+audio RCA) cable and plug it straight into the OSSC – it’ll work fine