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Hi all,

Thanks for the support, appreciated!

Regarding the MegaDrive / Genesis:

That’s exactly what will happen if you feed in composite video (only).

I’d say getting a new cable is your first point of call, I do not have any idea what’s in that big box on your current cable.

I have that same “Adapteur RVB” and I couldn’t ever get it to work with the OSSC so I bet that’s your problem. I have a different cable that is working fine.

Here’s some incomplete info on the internal workings of that box:

That’s actually pretty interesting to know, it also means that all cables I have (all French DIN => SCART cables have this adapter) are now completely useless.

I will get a “adapter-less” cable for genesis and let you know how that helps.

Regarding the MultiMega:

Since you got an image with the Sega CD Menu the cable should be good. What you can try is setting TX mode to DVI.

If you start the Latency tester in the Post Proc menu you should see a white box on the screen. If the screen stays black then its your monitor but if you see a white box then its your console/cable.

BTW 19.60Hz is a typo right? It should be near 50Hz.

Yes, my bad, it should have been 46.60Hz, I corrected it…
I tried both TX settings, it started working, did reset settings of the OSSC and it kept on working, so I guess there was something wrong with console.

Thanks all, will keep you posted regarding the Megadrive (and Master system), I hope it’s just that adapter.