Reply To: Saturn optimal settings


Huge thanks FBX for these Saturn profiles. I tried them all – even though in a different configuration, as I love to use LineX2 with scanlines, instead of clean LineX4 – and they work beautifully. I was stuck, trying to sort out the second profile, so your settings came out extremely helpful and appreciated.
Also, for the record, I own a Japanese white model 2 console: I copy-pasted your values and everything was perfect.

As I tried several games in my Saturn collection, I thought to share my findings:
– the first profile (320×224) works fine with the system’s UI, the Action Replay’s UI, as well as pretty much all the SNK ports I fired up.
– the second one (352×224) seems suited for the majority of games, so far. It’s the way to go for standard resolution 3D titles such as SEGA Rally, all the CAPCOM ports, and some misc stuff like Donpachi. I don’t know if it’s just Virtua Fighter 2 (or this is relevant for all the ‘mixed’ 240p/480i games in the system’s library), but this setting is also good for its 240p graphic elements. I’ll do more tests soon (Dead or Alive, Silhouette Mirage, Astra Superstars…). Worth noting that – while with the previous profile it’s possible to set the V. mask to 8, in order to cut the overscan off – with this one it’s better to bring it back to 0, as many games (Street Fighter: Real Battle on Film, as well as the aforementioned Donpachi) seem to run 100% fullscreen.
– the third profile (704x480i) is perfect, although with my setup I had to slightly readjust H. backporch to 96, in order to perfectly align the interlaced frame to the progressive one.

Massive thanks again!