Reply To: OSSC VGA interference


To nmalinoski’s point, I’ve been toying with one of these, which I had from my pre-OSSC days, and it seems to work well for “smoothing” the OSSC output, in those scenarios that I need it. We discussed it in another thread here, but thought it might be helpful in this thread.

This device is branded and sold about a thousand different ways online, so wherever you are located, you can probably find one at a relatively inexpensive price point.

Going HDMI to HDMI through this guy, it adds minimal lag and is still a noticeable improvement with all the other benefits of the OSSC. SCART to HDMI adds more lag. I don’t think that’s relevant for what it could be used to solve here, but thought it worth mentioning. I put a quick video together, sending each of the OSSC 480i output modes through this scaler, and finally letting PS1 240p @ line3x play through it:

Long story short this device could help “smooth” the OSSC output via HDMI and at the price point, it may be worth a try.