Reply To: OSSC 1.6 Not Turning on?


Perhaps it would be prudent to encourage users to label their cables? (Points for alliteration?)

A while back, I bought a pack of zip-tie cable labels like these to label the power cables of my consoles and analogue video equipment, specifically where I connected them to a rackmount surge protector, in case I needed to unplug anything; but these would work equally as well where they plug into the consoles/devices themselves.

I know the power supply VGP sells for the OSSC is an off-the-shelf component, but I’d like to see labels added to both ends of the cable, and then point out to people that it’s labeled on the relevant product pages.

Labeling power cables is equally valid for any other device, including superg’s switches, though the next revision of the gscart is expected to use MicroUSB for power.