Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


My new 50″ 4k Samsung UE50MU6120KXXU works much better than the EX700 did.

Passthrough, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x all work for 60Hz 240p. SNES works on all modes too at 60Hz.
50Hz 288p only works at 2x and 5x, but 3x can be achieved using the 720p50Hz settings from the tweaks thread also.

Note I have seen a dropout for a second on SNES 60Hz 5x but that might just be the RGB cable I’m using as it’s a bit faulty.

EDIT: Sorry, that SNES dropout was actually at 5x, 50Hz. I got mixed up. No dropouts at 60Hz though I still think the cable is to blame for the 50Hz temporary image loss.