Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Following the guidance here and research at independent sources, I took the plunge on a TCL. Model no. 49S405, 49″ Roku TV.

Target had them for just under $370 out the door…altho I did have to chase my order across 3 stores until finding a store that actually had one.

Have tested/played/enjoyed Genesis Model 1, SNES (256 opt, 8:7), Dreamcast (960p, alternating scanlines), PS1. Haven’t tested all modes ad nauseum, but the TV is handling line3x-line5x beautifully. I mean seriously…just WOW. I don’t know what the OLED’s look like, I’m sure it’s another level of “oh my!”, but the visual stunnery coupled with effective obsolescence of input lag, and the experience just improved tenfold. It turns out I really am better at some of these games than I was able to be with input lag in play. :p