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I have a couple of updates to post. I got an email from Retro Access that said this.

“Hi, We’ve been getting a couple other questions like this this week and I don’t know if something has been changed in the OSSC firmware or not (I’m going to ask around) or whether there’s just been a new batch of OSSC sent out so we’re just hearing from more new owners getting used to the settings, but the scenarios are playing out like this:

1. The cable works (confirmed on one console)
2. Issues with another device with Nintendo av out

There are some definite differences between output on different Nintendo consoles, even between different Snes consoles. The voltage on csync tends to differ depending on the board in the snes, for example it’s fairly low on older Snes consoles and runs to 5vpp on 1chips. Mods can bring more variance into the mix especially if they output 75 ohm sync. I don’t know if I should try putting in a higher value resistor, but the OSSC should work with sync signals under 1vpp which the current cable build will bring it to (with resistor in the av out.) There are settings in the OSSC to change the sync settings. Basically, it does sound like the issue is with sync because the picture cuts out on OSSC when you don’t have the right sync range. Can you let me know if you have tried adjusting sync in your menus? If anything fixes this, can you let me know what settings you used? Thank you.”

I went and messed with all the settings that I understood and the OSSC still said no sync. Before I email them back I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what the setting would be. On a different note, while testing the Nintendo cable with the NES I noticed something new. I don’t know if something is wrong with the system, the cable, the mod, or what but the top of the image starts curving to the left. When I change settings on the OSSC and when I hit the reset button on the NES (just before the screen goes black) the image straightens back out at the top. Here is a picture . Is this part of the overscan area? It seems pretty far down to be, and the Genesis and PC Engine didn’t have overscan areas that big. On the other hand Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden are both all black there above the area with your health and stuff. Any help on these issues is much appreciated.