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The issue is mentioned multiple times in the quickstart guide and on the wiki.

Yeah, that’s true, but take a look at this (from the Wiki):

Beware of using the OSSCs Line2x (bob) or Line4x (bob) deinterlacing modes on sources that display static graphics or text for a long period of time. The OSSCs deinterlacer produces a constant flickering effect. This can cause image retention/burn in to occur faster than normal.

It doesn’t mention it happens on IPS panels, for instance: now, I’m not aware of extensive tests done with VA displays, but TN monitors appear to be pretty much immune to the whole issue. It’s not as universal as it reads.

Also, that note makes it sound like the OSSC is doing something odd – or incorrect – whereas the temporary ‘after-flicker’ effect can be easiliy replicated on entirely different machines (such as the New Nintendo 3DS XL consoles that come with IPS screens): the amount of flicker I get by using the OSSC’s bob deinterlace (in Line 2x with scanlines) isn’t really different from what I can see by plugging my 480i sources directly into a CRT TV. If anything, the OSSC provides a cleaner and more stable picture.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining – I got my OSSC 1.4 I believe during the second production wave, and I’m a HUGE fan ever since 😀 – I just believe this specific issue isn’t really explained as it should be, leading several people to stumble upon it kinda cluelessly, or to leave thinking your device is somehow at fault, when it’s not really the case.