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it doesn’t randomly happen with ‘certain types of panels’.

Nowhere did I say random. Nor did I say only the OSSC could ever cause this.

it’s been proven how IPS displays

Are these not certain types of panels? I’m incredibly confused as to why you took issue with saying certain types of panels. I couldn’t remember the specific type of panel, but I remembered seeing a previous post where someone (likely you, since it also mentioned 3DS XL screens) explained this.

It doesn’t change the fact that using bob-deinterlace (such as this function used by the OSSC) on certain types of panels (IPS ones perhaps) can cause this unfortunate issue. I’m not sure anyone is claiming the OSSC does something wrong, just that people aren’t understanding why this happens or aren’t aware that it will.

As far as awareness, I’m not really sure anything will really solve that. People still regularly install the non-audio firmware and then ask why there is no sound. Not everyone reads the wiki, and many people probably don’t follow the various forums religiously.