Reply To: How Many Cables?


Eh, not quite. Assuming you have all US-market consoles, I think the Genesis and SNES are going to be the only ones where you can simply buy a cable.

  • SNES: The AV port differs between NTSC and PAL–make sure you get a cable that matches your console’s region
  • GameCube: Only the PAL GameCube supports RGB, and then only 15kHz. If you intend to use 480p on your GameCube, it will need to either be an NTSC model or a region-modded PAL console (DOL-001, with the Digital AV port on the back), paired with the official component cables; or you will need to have your console modded with citrus3000psi’s GCDual board, which provides both RGB and HDMI output, and additionally region-modded if a PAL console. (I believe all of the PAL games had progressive scan modes disabled/removed.)
  • Nintendo 64: No N64s natively support RGB; without modification, the best you’re going to get is S-Video on an NTSC console (I’m not aware of S-Video support on PAL consoles). If you have an early console with a serial starting with NS1, you might be able to install a simple ~$30 USD RGB bypass board to get RGB on the AV port. If you don’t have one of these early models, or you require deblur, you can get an N64RGB, or possibly borti’s N64 Advanced RGB board, should that ever be generally produced and released.
    • Of course, you could always skip RGB altogether and install an UltraHDMI, which can also be paired with a cheap active HDMI to VGA adapter to get lagless RGB output without a second mod installed. (You’d really only need both RGB and HDMI mods installed if you want simultaneous RGB and HDMI output.)
  • Wii: RGB support is limited to 15kHz on PAL consoles. If you want to use 480p/576p, you will either need to use YPbPr component, or you will need to modify your console. I believe citrus3000psi is still working on his Wii variant of the GCDual, the WiiDual, which also supports RGB and HDMI output.
  • Xbox 360: You can get a SCART cable and get RGB, but I believe it’s the same issue as with the GameCube, Wii, and original Xbox, where you’re only going to get SD. If you need higher resolutions, you can get an official VGA cable for the 360, but you won’t be able to use it with your SCART hardware without something like a VGA to SCART adapter that has an integrated sync combiner.