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I didn’t realize things were so complicated when I began this endeavor. Ok, so here is a list of every console I want to hook up to an HDTV. I have an OSSC on its way and it looks like I will likely get a Hydra since it looks like the best option for multiple consoles connected to the OSSC. I’m curious if there is something similar to the HYDRA for component cables, since SCART connections are not common in the US.

Which of these can I connect through standard HDMI (with the proper cables) and which need to be connected to the Hydra/OSSC combo? Those that are connected through the Hydra/OSSC combo, what cables do I need to make that happen?

All of these are NTSC and are unmodded (I do not plan/want to mod)

  • Atari 2600 – connect through RF antenna port
  • NES – need way to convert from composite to RGB before connecting to OSSC
  • SNES
  • Genesis
  • N64
  • Xbox original
  • PS2
  • X360
  • Wii
  • Wii U – HDMI