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I am also in a PAL region (Australia). Please let me know if I’m hijacking this post Jademalo, and I’ll create a new thread.

I think that line doubling modes could also be improved for PAL resolutions. None of the modes really work that well in their current state due to the resolutions that PAL consoles output.

For example, 240p at 3x mode makes a nice 720p output for NTSC consoles, but for PAL at 288p this gives 864p which is not really palatable by many modern displays. I could deal with outputting this as 1080p with some black bars as it’s less than 100px shy of 960p, then zooming using my display. Alternatively my display says it supports 1440×900, which is even closer.

At the moment I’m using 5x (4x doesn’t work with my TV) in 1080p output mode but I lose a fair bit of the picture which doesn’t work for a lot of games.

I think in general it would be stellar if the OSSC could have a mode which adjusts to “closest/best available resolution” for modern displays. I understand that this could differ from one display to another. Perhaps you could set which resolutions your display supports via the menu.

Eg. 3x resolution: 864p
Display supports 900p? Output as 1440×900