Reply To: OSSC + Pentium 233 MMX (VGA)


Here are my advanced timing setting for 400 mode for retro PCs with OSSC firmware v0.81.
This will result in no overscan and will show in perfect 4:3 on a PC monitor (not TV) with HDMI input.
Note that 400p mode is 70Hz and TV don’t like that at all, but PC monitors do.

480p in sampler: VESA 640×480@60
Allow upsample2x: On
384p proc: Line2x
480p/576p proc: Line2x
TX mode: DVI

640×400 (PC mode)
H. Samplerate : 700
H. Synclength : 64
H. Backporch : 52
H. Active : 570
V. Synclength : 2
V. Backporch : 34
V. Active : 400