Reply To: OSSC + Pentium 233 MMX (VGA)


So I tried your timings, but they lead to no sync at all when in text mode. Since the DOS text mode is also 400 lines, I do not see an option to use those settings, apart from loading a preset when running a game, which I find inconvenient. I use these settings in VGA text mode (720×400@70 Hz) on my 286 PC (currently with Trident 9000, but also with ET4000):

H. samplerate 874
H. synclen 104
H. backporch 51
H. active 741
V. synclen 2
V. backporch 32
V. active 405

This is obviously the same settings that is used for 320×200 games under DOS.

Windows runs in 640×480@60 Hz using these timings:

H. samplerate 850
H. synclen 59
H. backporch 56
H. active 720
V. synclen 2
V. backporch 30
V. active 480

This leads to a good picture, although 2 lines or so at the bottom are missing. But so far I am not bothered.