Reply To: Sync issue on Enterprise 128


does your cable have the correct attenuation on the sync line

I should have. I am using this cable from Retrocables. I have opened the scart end a bit and there are resistors in there. It is used by a “lot” of people in the Enterprise community … lot in quotation marks, we are not that many 🙂

It is extremely strange to have analogue sync lpf off entirely with 15khz sources.

I have not done a lot of testing of the different OSSC settings so it can be that it is the wrong thing I have turned off. I turned Analog sync LPF off because it said on the wiki that “Required if there is noise or glitches on the sync line.” and I was having issues with some games loosing picture. The screen just turned black once in a while. Turning this off made it better but it can be the wrong solution to my problem.