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Sorry for reviving a year-old thread, but this is probably the most applicable. and it’s only the 2nd page in…

After buying this over a year ago (1.5 version) I finally have time to try and build it (well, I had time before but the parts didn’t come till like, half a year later).

What I can piece together from the instructions are (not much)…

-schematic — contain pinouts for the chips and connectors
— Case assembly – pretty straight forward
Stencil — ??? – I don’t recognize these file formats
BOM -> I’ve bought everything here.
Kit contents (nothing’s missing)
Assembly tips. (ok, i’ve read through it)

labels – which appear to label the joints but not what’s supposed to go there, (would seem to be useful when communicating but nothing references these labels)

Traces — Pretty illegible for me, everything overlaps, and font appears pixellated in a way which i can’t read it.

and a wrl file — google search shows that this is probably a 3d model? — which I don’t have the software to open, and i’m not looking forward to finding one and learning how to use it…

Basically Other than the obvious giant slots for the chips, I have no idea where everything goes…

I’ve worked on arcade boards, consoles, and done mods for them for a few years. So I figured I could put this together
I’ve never come across “instructions” like this before. Can someone point me in the right direction?
I have a feeling the traces file tells me where everything goes (TOP is much more readable than bottom, i can make out a couple of caps, and a couple of resistors), but the bulk of it is seriously is illegible for me. Is there a larger version where the text is less pixellated?

I guess I just have no choice but to just find software to open the 3D model and learn to use whatever software I get?

I’ve just ordered an assembled 1.6 But I’d still like to put together this 1.5 so I have an extra one for running events and as backup.

I recall before I made my original purchase I came across a more detailed workflow than the “example” in tips which did lay out and describe where all the parts go — With better diagrams. But I can’t seem to find that anymore.