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Hi, This is a report of my findings with the OSSC I got a few weeks ago:

My Hardware:
Amiga 500
OSSC latest rev and firmware

Default settings gave me ok picture but hitchy/jumpy scrolling, and not pixel perfect. Hard to say if the jumpyness was caused by TV having trouble with scaling the default resolution or if it was from OSSC.

After tweaking the settings the picture is jaw dropping if I may say so. Black is black, pixels are 1:1 mapped and scrolling is super smooth. The true blacks really bring out the graphics from Amiga demos and games.

Its def. worth it to tweak the settings for the Amiga with OSSC.

Im using the settings (sort of) from one of jarps posts in this thread:
Line3x mode (Default 4:3 setting)
H. samplerate 1818
H. synclen 72
H. backporch 198
H. active 1440
V. synclen 3
V. backporch 24
V. active 288

This gives a 1280×855 resolution that the TV then scales to 2160p. I have no idea if these settings are optimal, I just used info from this thread and some experimentation. If anyone have suggestions how to improve Im very interested in that.

Remaining issues:
Settings captures the whole overscan area on the left side, and I guess that is interesting, but somewhat distracting in some demos.

Aspect Ratio looks ok, but im not sure it is 100% accurate.

I want to enable Line4x mode instead, but have not been able to find settings that looks good. Anyone have any idea what values to start with?