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I thought I’d check the VGP forum for an official topic on this.

Do people really dislike the OSSC’s 480px2 scaling that much? Even with upsample x2 enabled? I hate how 480p looks on my HDTV, I want it much sharper- exactly what the OSSC can offer (with from what I understand a middle-ground sharpness with upsampling as well).

The added value is incredibly obvious to me- full digital signal path for HDMI mods that output 480p max. That’s Gamecube, Wii, and surely more in the future. A little future-proofing goes a long way.

And as someone said that HDMI mod creators should instead implement upscaling for their mods- why raise the cost and complexity of every single HDMI mod when you could instead do all the upscaling with a single device that a lot of people doing these console mods are already going to own?

Plus, I’ve already invested a lot of money in a GCVideo modded Gamecube- if the project switches to a larger FPGA that can upscale I’m looking at a cost similar to a new OSSC anyway to completely redo the mod. I’m sure others would feel the same way.