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The other benefit of running the Dreamcast into the SCART input of the OSSC is that you end up with the correct aspect ratio without having to fiddle with settings on the OSSC. As long as you set the Toro to VGA mode, you’ll still get 480p for games that support it.

Correct; DTV 480p, the setting which determines whether the incoming video is processed as VGA 640×480 or 480p (720×480 being one of these resolutions), is defaulted on for AV1 and AV2 on the OSSC, but off for AV3, so simply using a SCART cable to connect the Toro to the OSSC results in no additional configuration on the OSSC, and, as a bonus, you don’t need to run a separate audio cable (Unless you have a 1.5 or earlier OSSC without an audio mod).

Also, the Toro needs better labeling, as there are two “VGA mode” switches; one signals to the Dreamcast whether to output in 15kHz RGBS (“RGB”) or 31kHz RGBHV (“VGA”), and the other controls whether the Toro outputs RGBHV or RGBS on its DE-15 port.