Reply To: InfoFrame content


I have seen a number of people having issues with their display forcing 16:9 mode when in Game Mode. Or TVs/monitors just lacking an aspect ratio selection in general. This becomes problematic for people who can only use 2x mode, or for any scenario involving 480i/576i. I thought perhaps utilizing the “force aspect” bit in AV InfoFrame could be useful for this scenario?

It’s described in pages 42-45 in CTA-861-F ( (Byte 1, A01 bit together with Byte2 R3-R0 bits).

Then perhaps a “force 4:3” can be added to compatibility or advanced timing menu?

An alternate way seems to be to send VIC (byte 4).

We saw before that activation of InfoFrame in regards to IT content did not seem to have an effect on most displays, but one can still hope maybe in the case of AR it could be of use…