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I’m sure vertical scanlines help de-blurring the image, it’s so strange to me that verticals are way better than horizontals which should be more “natural” and more CRT-esque!

My N64 is a CPU-03 model so I RGB modded it with a simple THS amp and a wire to output Csync: I’ve never tried a VI de-blur functionality, but gameshark / ips AA removing feature is not for me since I really don’t like the increased dithering effect.

By the way, is VI de-blur feature worth the upgrade to UltraHDMI or N64A board? Does it help reducing dithering?

I know OSSC is a (wonderful) line multiplier but I can’t understand why my Famicom AV or SF Jr. in passthrough are horrible and perfect at x5 where my N64 is perfect in passthrough and horrible at x5… moreover my N64 is better and has less input lag in OSSC passthrough than directly SCART connected to my Samsung TV.

I’d like to know how do you set your OSSC when used with your N64!