Reply To: Capture Sizing and Aspect Ratio


I still don’t understand how the OSSC outputs 960×720 in 3x mode but the display receives a 1280×720 widescreen signal.
Does the OSSC respect the advanced timing in 3x (960×240) or it puts them “inside” a more standard 1280×720 timing?
Can anyone please clarify this?

If I would have to guess, I would think the display only sees the total vertical pixels (263*3=786) and decides what mode it is by that.
Since the OSSC is a line multiplier and cannot change the total amount of vertical pixels, that number is set by the multiplier from the base 263p signal.
That raises the question how the OSSC changes between the 5x 1080/1200 modes if the total vertical pixels are fixed?

I would very much like answers to these questions since the wiki page is moot about how the OSSC does actual line multiplication.