Reply To: Capture Sizing and Aspect Ratio


You can divide the generic square pixel sample rate, 390, with the optimized sample rate for the console. But do note this will be less exact due to exact optimal sample rates really not being whole integers (but OSSC can ofc only sample as integers). This may or may not make a difference for rounding to integer after line multiplication. So it’s better trying to derive from exact frequencies.

nes/snes 390/341 = 1,14369…
True nes/snes PAR: 8/7 = 1,14285…

Yeah I’m still wondering the same. I even took a look at the ossc code , but didn’t get further than seeing that generic lx3 4:3 was treated as an exception, but I could then not figure out how this exception worked (I hardly know any programming…). EDIT: Rechecking quickly, in software/sys_controller/tvp7002/video_modes.c there is a reference to FPGA_H_MULTMODE_ASPECTFIX under the case MODE_L3_GEN_4_3. But there are so many documents, iirc I don’t think I found this ”ASPECTFIX” anywhere else.