Reply To: Capture Sizing and Aspect Ratio


Thank you Marqs.

I have a few more questions to clarify things further, if that’s okay.

So in 3x 4:3 mode, H.Samplerate, Sync Length, and Back Porch are multiplied by 4/3, while Active Length stays 960 and padded with black pixels, or padded some other way?

Is it the same with 5x 4:3 (1600×1200) mode too?
If so, the wiki page lacks the 3/4 explanation in 5x modes when selecting 1920×1080/1200 formats.
Also, why 1536×1200 and not 1600×1200 for exact 4:3 as default?

As for Vertical Samplerate, it is fixed to 263/525 or whatever the input is and cannot be changed, is that why some displays will not accept the 720p resolution since it got more total vertical pixels than the standard?

I’ve had the OSSC for a year now, yet still have so many questions even with 100 hours of use and endless tweaking. 🙂