Reply To: OSSC + Pentium 233 MMX (VGA)


Using roots settings for 720×400@70 Hz which I will post below my capture device (elgato camlink is able to display the game and get sound via hdmi) my TV Samsung un32eh5300f tv detects the signal as 720x400i@70hz but wont do sound over hdmi with that resolution.
H. samplerate 874
H. synclen 104
H. backporch 51
H. active 741
V. synclen 2
V. backporch 32
V. active 405

With the default settings it detects the 384p (640×400) as 640x350i@70hz but does output the sound given to it via hdmi. With roots settings at line2x my tv will display a zoomed part of the picture and output sound but my capture card is fine with line2x.