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Hooray, I learned something new today – I wanted to change the adv. timing menu, but was confused which mode I was supposed to select since there was no ‘312p’ mode to choose from. What I have now learned is that it starts on the currently active mode so you should not go left/right if you want to tune the current mode. 🙂

So in this case, it started on the 1280×288 mode and now I am able to fine tune it.

I have managed to set up a 1600×1200 output mode which is native for the 20″ monitor I am using and the image quality is really nice now. Apart from a very slight horiz judder, I see no noise and the colors and sharpness is close to perfect, so I am very happy indeed. This is with a standard PAL C64 with Lumafix as my C64 Reloaded exhibits some high frequency noise that I cannot seem to get rid of (I assume it is SMPS noise from its converters).