Reply To: Firmware v0.82


1080p50 would be really interesting. I might play around with it tomorrow and see if I can get anything to work. My Panasonic EX700B can only do 2x in PAL and its forced to 16:9 when it’s in game mode. I can get 3x at 60Hz using the PC settings like 1024×768, 1360×768 and 1366×768 and I think for some reason it accepts 1280×768, but I’m screwed for PAL at the moment lol.

EDIT: I just confirmed it and the TV definitely accepts 640×480, 1024×768, 1280×768, 1360×768 and 1366×768 all at 60Hz. I couldn’t find any other modes that work for 4x or 5x and nothing like that seems to work for PAL, not even 720p50.

It seems like Panasonic EX700 does the same thing as the Panasonic OLED TV’s where it’s very picky about what modes it will accept.