Reply To: Expand Vertical Active Area


Sorry for the late answer, I just tried the configuration STEO told me at linex4 mode and yes, the fullscreen shows and it looks as good as linex5 mode but with the complete image.

The only thing is that my PAL megadrive isn’t moded and the game has black bars up and down and I think that the game screen is not intended to be shown at its full, because Streets of Rage (the game I’m testing) shows some strange draws on the above part, I mean like the bushes are so tall, more than it should be xD

Any way I want to install a 60Hz switchless mod on it and need to know if anyone can advice me a mod kit to install myself that has a dual oscillator too, cause I read that to use with OSSC my console will have some troubles with the frecuency obtained on PAL not being 59,9Hz but 59,3Hz…

PD: Does some games like Sonic has different resolutions? If I fit my screen at all for Streets of Rage, when I put another game, then its not well centered… There are 2 different ones? Or more than one?

Sorry for all the questions, appreciate the answers, thanks!