Reply To: Expand Vertical Active Area


You can use a vertical mask in post processing to get rid of all the garbage pixels drawn outside the game window.

I have a modded Mega Drive 2 that I just put a switch on and it gets 59.3Hz in NTSC. I haven’t tested that in my 4k TV yet, though my Saturn is the same and that keeps frameskipping on my 4K TV because of it, though it works on the Samsung TV with no issues.

I ended up just importing a Genesis myself since someone was selling one in the UK (I’m Irish). That gets the intended 59.9Hz and you can even hear that the sound is a few cents higher pitched than the PAL Mega Drive.

I think you’re best off using the second oscillator to avoid problems with certain displays for your own peace of mind.

Edit: I have a 1 chip SNES and I had to use a second oscillator on that myself.

Edit 2: Also, Streets Of Rage is amazing 😛