Reply To: Noob Question – PAL SNES 60hz mod


The dejitter mod is only intended to smooth out the weird sync cadence from the NES and SNES, which can cause some TVs to repeatedly drop sync or not sync at all; it does not affect the 60.08Hz framerate.

If you want to bring the refresh rate down to 60Hz, you’ll either need to underclock the system to get it to produce a flat 60Hz, like what the Hi-Def NES kit does for the NES, or you’ll need an external video processor to perform framerate conversion (which might get you a different kind of stutter).

If you’re instead referring to a bit of a shimmering effect when games scroll horizontally, that could be related to SNES games using non-square pixels, which, when displayed on contemporary, fixed-pixel displays, results in uneven scaling (Some pixels are 1px wide, some are 2), in which case you’ll need an external video processor that can interpolate (at the cost of adding a bit of softness). You might be able to work around this with the OSSC by trying different optimized modes in the Line2x settings.