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The current RT2x revision will lose sync with any console if a white screen (like flashes) is more than 1v peak-to-peak (including sync).
This is because the ADV7280 video inputs requires 24+51ohm divider to accept higher input voltages, but Mike only implemented 75 Ohm load without complying with the specification data sheet, hence a larger than 1v signal (out of spec) which more than a few console produce enters the ADV7280 chip and activates the overvoltage reduction circuitry.
I did modify my RT2x with this divider at each input and the image became stable with flashes and white screens with all consoles.
You can test this with ‘240p test suite’ and go from black to white screen to see if the RT2x looses sync when switching quickly between full screen black to white test pattern.

I contacted Mike about this design flaw but got no reply, probably because a lot of units with this flaw already been shipped.
Hopefully he will fix the next revision, it’s a simple addition of resistors.

There is also a flaw with the audio chip that distorts the audio that I also fixed, and very low wattage 3.3v regulators that dies fast if its input voltage is not stable, but these are different issues that also need to be solved.

I love the RT2x and will re-buy it (my first one is dead) when these issues are fixed.