Reply To: Need advice for new TV for OSSC


On the cheap side (bought it £429 in late 2017), there is the LG UJ6300

So far it accepted everything I thrown at it. IT’S NOT THE BEST TV EVER but it’s a combination of :
Cheap price
4K and HDR10 (up to 60Hz with 4K & HDR10 enabled)
11ms to 14ms of input latency in game mode (less than a frame !)
No risk of burning (reviewed 10/10)
Low motion blur
Great OSSC compatibility

The rest is average but again, £429 a year and a half ago, I bet you can find it cheaper now or for the same price but bigger, mine is a 119cm (49″).

I think that, based on what I’ve read on the “tv compatibility thread”, this TV could be on the top three of best TVs for OSSC if your sort them by price/compatibility/input lag