Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


I know this is not a TV, but I grabbed a ULMB monitor that was on sale. It’s an AW2518HF 240Hz monitor.

I decided to try the OSSC on it and every mode works apart from PAL Lx4, though it does work with the tweak I talked about and it can force 4:3.

It actually has an option for 1:1 in the aspect ratio to get pixel perfect scaling if you’d prefer that over enlarging the image. I actually think that’s something really good that I wasn’t expecting, so I’m happy with that.

It’s probably not the best value for someone that just wants a monitor that works, but I’m only mentioning it becase I think the 1:1 scaling option it really nice. I’m sure there are some much cheaper 60Hz monitors out there that should be able to do the same thing assuming you don’t want a really high refresh rate one for your PC.